The weird science of loneliness explains why lockdown sucked | WIRED UK

As writers, solitude is needed; sometimes we hunger for it, but… I’ve missed human interaction.

It is the isolation of having choices taken away that has thrown my mind into a tailspin, I think.

Loneliness has been draining for a lot of us. Just having our social interactions stripped away feels like the lifeboat is sinking. This article helps to explain why.

The weird science of loneliness explains why lockdown sucked
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New Year Goal

This might sound lame, but my New Year resolution is to ‘read every day’. 

As a writer, reading slips into the background at times… and reading can be depressing – either the book is so much better than you feel you can write, or your fingers are itching to grab a ‘red editing’ pen.

I’ve rediscovered the joy of reading, and the secret? Remove my writer/editor head and just enjoy it, warts an’ all.

The site ‘Goodreads’ has done that for me; it has made me hungry for the group experience of the sheer enjoyment of reading.

Happy New Year to all my readers – wherever you are – and my fellow bookworms!

Invasion is coming!

Out on Kindle from Monday.

The ferals  are sweeping across the globe from Eastern Europe across into the West, devouring all life forms in their path.

Connor, Julian and the British Hives prepare their defences and pray they have what it takes to weather the onslaught and win the war, once and for all.

The final instalment in the Fire & Ice series.

Paperback and hardback out soon.