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I started out writing, by the seat of my pants, about three years ago. I have no idea why, or where the inspiration came from, but my first set of novels are dark horror with a central theme of romance. The series is called ‘Fire and Ice’ and The Awakening is where we begin.

The premise for book 1: ‘Fire and Ice : The Awakening’ is set out below:

For centuries, vampires were content to exist as creatures of myth and legend, barely making a footprint in the shifting sands of human consciousness, until Mother Nature unleashed a global influenza pandemic which wiped out most of humanity.

Vampire survival instincts have an edge of desperation as humans are dying out, forcing them out of the shadows. The London of 2010 has become a vampire hive as they cluster around their decimated food supply, and “survival of the fittest” is a stark reality.

Humans are left wishing their world had ended, when, as a protected species, they are imprisoned, farmed as cattle, and siphoned for their blood.

The biggest cloud on the vampire horizon is that humans age and die, and will choose sacrifice rather than surrender their unborn children into vampire hands.

Suddenly, vampire immortality has an expiration date.

~~~~~~~~~~                                      ~~~~~~~~~~

The books in the series (three completed and two in progress) are:

Book 1: ‘Fire and Ice : The Awakening’.

Book 2: ‘Fire and Ice : Survival’.

Book 3: ‘Fire and Ice : Earth Walker’

Book 4: ‘Fire and Ice : Heart of Stone’

Book 5: ‘Fire and Ice : Invasion’.

The prequel to the series, ‘Death of Connor Sanderson’, is set in 1910 and tells the story of Doctor Connor, the main character in the ‘Fire and Ice’ series, and how he became a vampire.

I have secured a literary agent for my writing projects. This blog will follow the journey of ‘Fire and Ice’, and my other endeavours.