The slipstream of desire,
casting my errant thoughts adrift.
The wonder ‘could you love me’,
an enticement to resist.

Insidious attraction,
treads a fine line drawn in aches.
Resistance fades with each caress,
my trailing fingers take.

Longing thickens to a shadow,
and stains my pulsing heart.
Each tendril of the yearning,
a craved drug that leaves its mark.

Your words, they carry too much weight,
a siren call that hurts.
Your smile, the shards of beauty,
cut me open when it melts.

I’m dancing on the edge,
the abyss, a pounding dread.
Sanity, in tight clenched fist,
twisting on a tender thread.

Enslaved by the thundering,
of my own anguished heart.
Desperate to touch, but afraid,
rejection, the poison dart.

Self preservation begs retreat,
to cage my heart in cold,
embrace the void of numbness,
build a fortress for my soul